Dinosaur's Island

Educational trip to Dinosaurs Island


Do you want to go on an educational trip with your little one? Go and visit Dinosaurs Island. Dinosaurs Island is located at the Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga. Do you remember the movie, Jurassic Park? If yes, and if you are fond of that movie, you should definitely pay them a visit in your free time. It is a must-see attraction for die-hard dinosaur fans. They have life-sized dinosaurs that move and roar.

What to expect in Dinosaurs Island

Dinosaur's Island Tickets
The sound these dinosaurs make can scare your little ones off a tad bit, so just be there to comfort them. Also, try to explain to them that it is just part of the show to make everything seem real. The entrance fee at Dinosaur’s Island is Php 350 for adults, and Php 300 for kids, 16 years old below. The Dino Trail ride can be boring for adults, but I am sure your little ones will go with great relish.

Educational Trip To Dinosaur's Island

Dinosaur's Island Pampanga
Educational Trip to Dinosaur's Island. They look so real up close
They have a show where the performers are dressed in dinosaur costumes. It is fun to watch but can be kind of terrifying to your kids. Again, just explain to them that it is just part of the show and there is nothing to be scared of, really. Staff is quite friendly. There is nothing much to do here except take photos, learn about the dinosaurs, and take the rides. But, I still recommend it for die-hard dinosaur fans out there, because of the life-sized dinosaurs that move and roar. They look so real up close. Food stalls are available outside and there is a souvenir shop, too.

How to get to Dinosaurs Island
Take any bus that will pass by Dau. From Dau, take a jeepney to Mabalacat Market, then from Mabalacat Market, hop into another jeepney going to Clark Freeport Zone. Just tell the driver to drop you off at Dinosaurs Island.

Dinosaur Island Address
Gil Puyat Avenue, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga

Dinosaur Island Telephone Number
(045) 499-3033
(045) 499-3019

Dinosaur Island Ticket Prices
Adult Php 350
Kids (16 years old below) Php 300
Jurassic Jungle Safari Php 150
7D Super Screen Php 150
Wonders of the World Php 150
Unearth Museum Php 50
Dino Ride Php 50
Dino Feeding Php 20

  • Children 2ft below are free of charge
  • Check their website to get first dibs of news, events,¬†and promos

Dinosaur Island Park Schedule
Monday to Sunday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Dinosaur Island Website

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